Fusion Bakugan are a kind of incredibly powerful Bakugan made up of two separate ones. This kind of fusion was discovered/developed by the humans Brawley X Masterz and Ventus Phantom. They are the only known beings with the method of fusion. Fusion Bakugan are so powerful that they don't even need to use an ability to defeat an opponent. Fusion Bakugan can't be defused by an opponent's ability or any effect.

Method of FusionEdit

Tag TeamEdit

In a Tag Team Brawl, if both brawlers have Fusion Compatable Bakugan, they must both activate a Super Fusion Ability(SFA). When they play it, their two Bakugan will fuse into one. When two Bakugan fuse, so do their Battle Gear and abilities.

Single BrawlEdit

A brawler must have two Bakugan in one brawl. If they are fusion compatable, they can be used with the Super Fusion Ability.


The power of the fused Bakugan depends on the ones used to fuse. Example: 2 Bakugan with 1000Gs are fused, the SFA adds 100Gs for each Bakugan fused, so the Fusion Bakugan would have 2200Gs.

List of Fusion BakuganEdit

  • FireStorm Hawk Dragonoid
    • FireStorm Hawk Dragonoid Duo
    • Evil Twin FireStorm Hawk Dragonoid
  • Pyrus Strike Dragonoid
  • Triple Node: Olifon Dragonoid the Phantom Berserker