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Drakohex is an evil and very powerful Bakugan. He was born at the exact moment when the Perfect Core split into two cores and was sent to a random part of that dimension. His power comes from negative energy. He is the Guardian Bakugan of The Dark Master.


Drakohex is a White One, but he is also a Dark Bakugan. Since he was born as a White One, he needs a constant supply of power to survive. He drains the life force out of other Bakugan which ends up making him stronger. Drakohex was born as a Hex Dragonoid but over time
Drakohex 003

Drakohex's Forbidden Core

became a unique Bakugan. Unlike Linehalt, Drakohex knows out to use his Forbidden Power but does not bother trying to control it unless he is trying to destroy an enemy. He can use his own abilities and abilities of all Six Attributes. The BECB have not yet encountered him. Drakohex is currently in stasis. He is the main Bakugan antagonist in Bakugan RP: Dimensional Heroes.


  • He is the only Bakugan known as "Drakohex."
  • Drakohex is considered a Dragonoid.
  • The Forbidden Core on his chest is a closed mouth with a close eye. When both open, an unstable Forbidden Power is activated.